Turabian Citations, References and Formatting

The Oakwood University School of Religion uses the Turabian Writing Style in its courses. Although Turabian is a version of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), because of its relative brevity and ease of use, it is preferred in lieu of the full Chicago Style.

Turabian style is also comparable for students who are writing papers, theses, and dissertations that are not intended for publication (CMOS, 2015). Several resources are provided here to assist you with acclimating to the Turabian Writing Style if you are pursuing a graduate degree in the Oakwood University School of Religion.

The Turabian Style Manual is now published in its 9th edition and is available in paper, cloth or eBook formats. It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy early in the program to ensure proper formatting of your School of Religion papers. See the CMOS website for pricing and purchasing information.

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