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Essential Student Services

As an online learner it is important that you have virtual access to the offices and services that you use most often at Oakwood University. Links to the offices of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Student Advising and Disability Support Services are provided here to allow you to request support from these offices from anywhere and at any time during your academic journey.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a very important element of academic success. Academic advising services are provided to you as an online student to assist you with defining and developing your course schedule for each term, reviewing your long range academic and career goals and to support you in other ways as needed.

Current and returning Oakwood University online students who have questions about course schedules, academic planning or other advising issues can use the Advising Request Form to ask for assistance.

Financial Aid

Financial aid allows many students to afford college and earn a college degree. Financial aid assistance contributes to the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board and more. It is primarily awarded in the form of grants, scholarships, work study and loans.

Visit the Oakwood University Financial Aid Office to receive a wealth of information about how and when to apply for financial aid, access to net price calculator, Financial Aid TV where you can find short videos on a variety of Financial Aid Topics and answers to many financial aid questions.

For Financial Aid Questions, email: finaid@oakwood.edu.

Student Accounts

The Oakwood University Student Accounts Office is available to assist you with financial clearance, making payments, obtaining refunds and resolving billing issues. For additional information visit the Office of Student Accounts or email Student Accounts inquiries to ousa@oakwood.edu.

Disability Support Services

Oakwood University strives to provide all students with reasonable access to its facilities and programs in accordance with applicable federal laws, including the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with special academic needs as diagnosed by qualified specialists are serviced within the school’s Center for Student Success.

Visit the Disability Support Services Office page to obtain additional information about the disability accommodation process.