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Graduation/Career Planning

Congratulations on pursuing your education at Oakwood University! We are committed to providing you with resources that will assist you in achieving both your educational and professional career goals. Both goal areas help to determine where you see yourself in the future and the kind of preparation that is needed to achieve your goals. Taking the right career planning steps early will assist with giving direction, meaning and purpose to your career path and the ultimate achievement of your career goals.

Multiple resources are provided here that can assist you with smoothly transitioning into your professional future. These include a link to Oakwood University’s Career Connections Center (CCC) and external links to job boards and professional organizations related to some of the online programs offered at Oakwood University.


GEMConnect is a mobile application which provides students with a career pathway checklist for each academic year leading up to graduation. Students can login to GEMConnect using their smartphone or mobile device to learn about and complete a variety of career objectives such as, skills and career assessments, professional certifications, career advising, mentoring, and job placement assistance.