Technology Resources

Technology is vital to your success as an online learner. One major key to success in online learning is developing a basic understanding of the most important tools you’ll need for this course: a computer and the Internet.

Oakwood University uses D2L as the learning management system to deliver its online course instruction. The Oakwood University D2L platform is not an internet service provider. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is responsible for helping you configure your computer system so you can connect to the Internet/WWW. Your ISP will assist you with problems concerning connectivity to the Internet/WWW and D2L and the Oakwood University website.

If you have difficulty connecting or maintaining a connection to the University website, contact your ISP immediately to determine the source of the problem. If you are disconnected from the Internet without warning, contact your ISP immediately. If you have specific concerns about your operating system, D2L, contact the Oakwood University HelpDesk at 256-726-7464. Please note that you may have additional software requirements from your instructor. That information will be provided in the course description and/or the course syllabus.

Technical Support

Technical Support Assistance for D2L, My Oakwood, Email and the Single Sign-On ID can be obtained by following the instructions provided under "Help Desk" below and on the Oakwood University Information Technology website.

Help Desk

The Help Desk offers online submission (for computer repair requests, software installations, all email accounts activation and problems, network port activation and other computer related issues) or to check the status of your work order.

3 Ways to Open a Request

Phone Entry

Call x7464 and speak to a Help Desk Technician who will enter your information into Freshdesk as a new Request/Ticket.

(The OUIT Help Desk is currently operational between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Central Time.)

Web Entry

Browse to

Click on “New Support Ticket” and enter the details there.

Ensuring that you select the correct category so that the ticket is assigned properly.

Email Entry

Email and use the following legend for your request. A subject line that contains:

“Web”, will be assigned to the Web Group

“Quote”, “Cable”, “Broadcast”, or “Stream” will be assigned to the IT Admin Group

“Support”, “Technology”, or “Helpdesk” will be assigned to the Client Services Group

“Network”, “Telecom”, or “Phone” will be assigned to the Network/Telecommunications Group.

“Jenzabar”, “EX”, or “AdminSys” will be assigned to the Admin Systems Group

“AV” or “Media” will be assigned to the Media Group

D2L Tutorials

What is D2L?

D2L is an online learning management system that is used by Oakwood University, either as a course delivery tool for online courses, or as a supplementary tool for face-to-face or blended courses. The tutorial videos below will assist you with completing some of the actions that will be required during your online learning experience.