Research Writing  

Research is essential to daily living and involves everyone, directly or indirectly at some point.  “The main purpose of research is to inform action, to prove a theory, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field of study (Zarah, 2019, para. 1).” 

Research additionally serves as a learning tool for the researcher and his/her audience that synthesizes views, evidence and facts in order to better inform a topic. These key functions of research make it important to conduct and report it in the most professional and scholarly manner.

During your matriculation at Oakwood University, you will be asked to write research papers. These will vary in scope and size based on your instructor’s assignment requirements. However, regardless of the paper’s requirements some of the standard rules for writing will apply. Properly followed, the research writing process can contribute to favorable outcomes as well as the likelihood of receiving an excellent grade.

Consider the resources provided here as you prepare to write your research papers.

Zarah, L. (2019, May). 7 Reasons why research is important.